About Us

STAT Computer Services provides support, advice and assistance to business relying on Macintosh computers. While the majority of our clients are in Arizona, we also serve clients in more remote places like California, Mexico, Massachusetts, New York, Antigua and Switzerland.

STAT was officially founded in 1999, but the seeds of our company can be traced to Boyd Burkhardt’s first job, in 1982 — shrink-wrapping Apple II and Commodore computer software when he was only 16. Read more about Annette, Boyd, Chris, Daniel, Sarah and Sophia here.

Our goal is to help our customers make the fullest use of their technology to support the goals of their business. We’ve found that the best way to do that is by listening and offering unbiased recommendations based on our years of experience with Apple computers, networks, mobile technologies and small business.

Our Philosophy

We want to be the last call you make for computer support. Our mission is to ensure that your technology is working its hardest to support your business. Sometimes that means we are participating in strategic planning, or running cables behind your walls, or training your employees. And that’s just fine with us. Because if you’re not happy, our job’s not done.

We don’t sell computers, equipment or other supplies. And while we have great relationships with companies that do, those relationships never include any commissions, “finder’s fees” or other financial arrangements. Why? We think it’s important to offer our clients unbiased recommendations. If we suggest equipment or software purchases to our clients, it’s because they need them — not because we’re going to make any money from the sale.

Our People

Annette Burkhardt – Manager

Annette has been close to the heart of our operations since our inception. She is responsible for our processes and our vision and makes sure that everyone doesn’t go too far astray. She’s also responsible for managing our receivables so if you get a call from Annette remember that she loves it when you take care of any outstanding issues!

Boyd Burkhardt – Owner

Boyd began providing computer support during a high school internship at Simutek in 1983. Shortly thereafter, he began working in their service department repairing Apple computers.

Boyd continued offering Apple and Macintosh computer support throughout college and was Apple Computer’s student representative to the University of Arizona for two years. During his final year at the U of A, he worked for the instructional computing department and conceived, designed and implemented a computer-mediated learning software program that received a national award for the implementation of information technologies in higher education. He also became one of the first graduates from the University of Arizona’s prestigious undergraduate computer science program.

After graduation Boyd returned to Simutek as head of their technical services department and in 1994 purchased half of the company. He remained part-owner until leaving to found STAT in 1999.

Boyd holds numerous Apple certifications including:  Apple Certified Support Professional, Apple Certified Technical Coordinator, and Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist.

Chris Peery – Consultant

Chris received his degree in computer electronics in 1982 and served as the service manager at Simutek until 1998. He then served as network administration of the Catalina Foothills school district high school campus where, among other duties, he administered and maintained the local network and more than 500 associated computers. He joined STAT in 2003.

Chris holds technical certifications spanning many years of Apple Computer service and support and has also been a member of the Apple Consultants Network. He continues to pursue his passions for media and music as a member of a local band and as technical advisor for public access cable television channels in the Tucson area.

Daniel Carlile – Consultant

Daniel is a great at creative troubleshooting! He’s worked with STAT since early 2012 and we’ve yet to throw anything at him that he hasn’t been able to resolve!

Sarah Burkhardt – Consultant and iOS Device Repair

Sarah handles almost all of our iOS repair work and keeps track of any alerts that come in through out Health STATus Alert system!

Sophia Leyvas – Office Coordinator

Sophia is our main point of contact! She’s responsible for triage, scheduling, and ensuring that our clients get the support they need and for helping our consultants be efficient and productive!