STAT Computer Services is the best!  We are a medical practice that depends upon functioning data systems 24/7.  Our medical records system hardware was installed by STAT Computer Services in 2005.  The system has operated extremely well under high load conditions. STAT provides outstanding support. Whether onsite or remotely we have been completely satisfied with STAT Computer Services and recommend them without hesitation. – David Alster, M.D., Tucson Endocrine Associates

Boyd is simply the best.  His knowledge of Macintosh computers is second to none.  He is an outstanding person and works tirelessly to keep his clients 100% satisfied.  I have known Boyd for more than 15 years and can honestly say that I have never stumped him with a computer question.  I can not give a strong enough recommendation for STAT Computer Services and Boyd Burkhardt. I am lucky to count him as a resource for my business. – Rich Meindl, Simutek Computers

STAT Computer Services always lives up to its name. On the rare occasions where there is an issue with our system, Boyd Burkhardt and his staff respond quickly and keep us running. Beyond maintenance, Boyd and his staff know my law firm’s business well enough to recommend and implement solutions that make our paperless office more efficient and streamline our work flow. In fact, Boyd is the reason I switched years ago from a Windows-based office computer system to an office that is 100% Apple. Boyd and STAT Computer Services are an integral part of our firm’s success. – Chris Smith, Smith Law Group

”We were really struggling with how to solve our technology issues, until someone suggested we get in touch with STAT. Boyd suggested we set up a one-hour strategy consultation, and the result was more than we could ever have hoped for. Boyd listened, asked intelligent questions and clearly had an understanding of the challenges inherent in running a small business.  He was not only able to detail the pros and cons of the options we’d been considering, but suggested some ideas we’d never even thought of.  Almost as an aside, he shared a simple, inexpensive fix that increased our network speeds dramatically — and one that didn’t make him another dime.  That really impressed me — Boyd just seemed to want to help us as much as he could.  By the end of the strategy session we had a much clearer sense of what our choices were and which ones made the most sense for our business.  For $120 and an hour of our time, we had an expert who actually took the time to learn OUR challenges and help us make an educated, strategic decision to solve them.  I don’t know what we would have done without STAT — I can’t recommend them more highly.” – Chris Norwood, WhyFor Design

STAT Computer Services has been my silent partner for years ensuring that my very busy practice is not slowed by computer problems.  I have used them at home and at my office and they have always been prompt, knowledgeable, fair and friendly.  STAT’s performance has been so exemplary that based on my recommendations they have started servicing my clients who switch to Mac computers.  You will find no better technology partner. – Jim Calle, Law Office of Jim E. Calle, P.C.

I have used STAT Computer services for over ten years and can recommend them as the top in their field. Boyd Burkhardt and staff have been immediately responsive, knowledgeable, skilled, and on occasion, “lifesaving” for a failed computer or system. – Larry Haas, LM Haas Photography

STAT’s expertise, customer service and value is second to none. They are an integral part of our business here at Tucson Rental Homes.  And, I will always credit them with helping us to attain the success we have been most fortunate to achieve over the last 10 years. Boyd is a fabulously talented computer expert, and  I cannot think of another individual that I would trust more with the responsibility of maintaing this key part of my life. I’ve always felt that his great and positive attitude would allow him to be successful at anything he chose – I’m just glad that it happened to be computers. – Brent Sandweis, Tucson Rental Homes

Our corporate group has been working with STAT Computer Services for more than a decade. As dedicated Mac users (and occasional abusers) we have found the breadth and depth of the STAT team technical support to be unparalleled for troubleshooting, system design, and problem solving. They are prompt, professional, and straightforward, with an exemplary attitude. Regardless of hour, weather, or weekend schedules, they have never failed to quickly bring us back from the internet netherworld following rodent tampering, satellite malfunction, server incompetence, operator error, or the unfortunately common lightning strikes that have plagued us over the years. We highly recommend Boyd and his professional staff to anyone that relies on consistent internet access for their business or personal affairs. – B.K. Becker M.D., LORIX CORP / MERCURY CORP / AW ENTERPRISES

Boyd is an expert in every sense of the word. He is very knowledgeable about Mac products and has helped my companies take our systems to the next level on many occasions. He is great at explaining all of the details to help you understand the process and the tasks needed to get the job done. Boyd and his team are the best. – Kerry Stratford, Caliber Group

At Texas Instruments we know we can count on STAT Computers to assist us immediately in critical stoppage situations. That kind of assurance provides a peace of mind and a trust that many businesses refuse to provide these days. We are extremely appreciative of the service STAT Computers provides us. – Lisa Goldsmith, Texas Instruments Inc.

If you, like me, believe that your computer must always be thoroughly dependable, you’ll use a thoroughly dependable maintenance and repair service — like Boyd Burkhardt’s STAT. There’s no substitute. I know. I tried once! – George Rosenberg

STAT Computer Service has been supporting, and teaching me for over 5 years, and I would never consider using anyone else. Boyd is a Mac genius!  Their service has always been prompt, and they actually fix the problems.  I would recommend STAT Computer Services to everyone and anyone! – Kathy Arrotta

In this day and age it is rare to find consultants one can count on.   I do rely on STAT and they never disappoint me. It is a pleasure to work with people who clearly enjoy what they do and are passionate about Apple products.  I would highly recommend STAT to all my Apple-using friends. – David Freshwater, The Freshwater Group

A referral to Boyd Burkhardt turned out to be – if not a lifesaver – at least a profession saver.  While my employer has a great IT staff, they are based in California, and I needed assistance that was proximate, responsive, and highly skilled.  WestEd’s office in Tucson has received such service — and more — from Boyd, Chris, and other STAT staff regularly throughout years. They personify what one always wants from service personnel: responsiveness, friendliness, professionalism, efficiency, and – most of all – effectiveness, all at a remarkably reasonable cost. I have referred STAT to every person in this area who has ever asked me about technology assistance. STAT is simply the best.  The quality of my professional life in Tucson for nearly two decades has been immeasurably enhanced because of STAT Computer Services. – Max McConkey, WestEd

The service I’ve received from STAT has been uniformly excellent, and I’ve been very happy with it.  Also, because Boyd and his associates have demonstrated real expertise regarding Mac  computers and therefore have been able to solve my problems very quickly and efficiently, I feel I’ve received real value for my money. In addition, Boyd has great people skills, and is always willing to explain things to me so that every visit is a learning opportunity for me.  I’ve recommended STAT to all my friends who have Mac computers, and it’s a really good feeling to know that whenever something goes wrong with my computer I have an excellent resource in STAT to help fix the problem. – Jennifer Schneider, M.D.

CDG Architects is very fortunate to be able to rely on STAT services to maintain our Mac network and equipment.  Boyd is a wonderful service tech and a pleasure to work with. His knowledge, patience and ability to work with all staff members are priceless. He’s managed to turn perceived disasters into problems that are easily solved.  STAT always seeks solutions that are as cost efficient as possible. When we have an emergency that interrupts our ability to work, their response will always be quick. We feel as if we could contact STAT almost anytime of the day or night! And sometimes we do! –  Jeanne Taylor, CDG Architects

For more than a decade, Boyd Burkhardt and STAT Computer Services have been serving as our Computer and IT “Gurus”.  Collectively, we operate 10 Macs and 2 PC’s, using a variety of applications from business to design graphics.  No matter what the issue, STAT has been able to find a solution to hardware, software or network problems that have arisen that is both quick and satisfactory.  We can recommend them without reservation as being knowledgeable, prompt and economical. – Jon Kohn, CATALINA MECHANICAL CONTRACTING, INC.

Seems like STAT has been cleaning up our messes ever since we opened our doors in 1995.  We would not hesitate to give an unqualified recommendation for them to any Mac user.  Over the years we have called for help dozens of times, and they have always responded rapidly, and have always fixed whatever has gone wrong promptly.  It has really given us a great deal of peace of mind knowing that whenever we screw the computers up, STAT can bail us out.  We’ve gotten to know several of the employees, and they have lived up to Boyd’s own high standards.John J. Lobaugh, CPCU, CAIP, Aviation Insurance Services

I have been using Boyd and Chris at STAT Computer Services since 2002 for our computer and internet needs and I have never been disappointed. They are prompt and always courteous and professional in their services. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who has needs for their services. – Doug Hamilton, Aztec Embroidery & Screenprinting

I have known STAT Computer Services and Boyd Burkhardt for 10 years.  When I had a Mac problem that no one else could solve, I was given their name. Boyd solved the problem and I got my project done on time.  He is punctual, very knowledgeable and experienced, and very efficient.  I continue to use Boyd to solve computer problems, assist in new setups, and as the source of information relating to new software and hardware that will make my work easier and more efficient.  I highly recommend STAT to any individuals or businesses that need assistance with computers. – William Page, Photographer

We learned of Boyd’s company from another physician who uses STAT for both home and business computer services.  I cannot say enough good things about Boyd and his company. They have kept us up to date and protected with their service. The have helped us with purchase, set up, hard wiring and wireless networking. Their service is prompt and a great value. – Drs. Hank and Jennifer Hollum, M.D., Arizona Oncology Associates

Boyd Burkhardt with STAT Computer Services has been working with my company for more than five years.  We began our professional relationship when I had a computer emergency.  He was immediately responsive and even took my computer home to work on that night.  Since then he has helped us with the installation of software, networking, printers, purchases, and whenever a problem has popped up.  The whole staff at STAT Computer Services is polite, pleasant, and responsive to the customers needs.  Boyd has a way of teaching that does not confound the student. His mannerism is so polite and professional.  I would highly recommend STAT Computer Services. – Nancy Schmieder, Desert Shotcrete, Inc.

My wife and business partner Carol and I started a desktop publishing firm in 1987. Now, 22-years later, I can honestly say that two of the best decisions we made at the onset were to outfit our company with Apple computers and to begin working with Boyd Burkhardt.  For more than two decades, Boyd has installed and networked our hardware and helped us troubleshoot issues with software.  Over the years we’ve retained his services to train our employees, develop specialized databases and iron-out technical glitches.  When one’s company is dependent on technology, having the availability of someone as capable and knowledgeable as Boyd is invaluable.  I’ve frequently recommended STAT Computer Services to other business owners and have been repeatedly thanked for doing so.  I know Boyd to be an honest,  stalwart, highly professional individual. I recommend his services without reservation. – Robert Plotkin, BarMedia, Tucson, Arizona