WhyFor Design

WhyFor Design

The Challenge

WhyFor Design, an integrated marketing firm, offers advertising, branding, design and website development services to clients across the U.S.

Critical to WhyFor’s success is their ability to access, update, and manage client project files from multiple locations.  Typically members of a project team will be working on different elements of a project from different sites, and the company was struggling with how to ensure that changes were incorporated and backed up efficiently, without overwriting the work of other users and while allowing fast download and synchronization times.

STAT’s Role

WhyFor contacted STAT to help them determine a flexible and cost-effective solution to their multi-user access, file synchronization and backup needs.  We recommended a one-hour strategy session, during which we listened to their goals (and frustrations), discussed the options they had already considered, and suggested some alternative solutions they had not been aware were available.

The solutions WhyFor had considered would have accomplished their goals for a flexible and multi-user work process, but would have required radical changes to their current workflow and inevitable productivity issues.  STAT was able to recommend solutions that accomplished the same multi-user efficiency, but required only minor adaptations to the company’s workflow with the addition of select software, hardware and process improvements.  All solutions recommended by STAT were scalable and would allow WhyFor to manage their capital expenditures gradually.


In a one-hour strategy session, WhyFor and STAT together developed a variety of options for addressing their issues, and now the company has both a short-term implementation plan as well as a sense of potential issues they may encounter as the company grows, and several strategies to accommodate that growth in terms of workflow and technology.

Client Feedback

We were really struggling with how to solve our technology issues, until someone suggested we get in touch with STAT.  Boyd suggested we set up a one-hour strategy consultation, and the result was more than we could ever have hoped for.  Boyd listened, asked intelligent questions and clearly had an understanding of the challenges inherent in running a small business.  He was not only able to detail the pros and cons of the options we’d been considering, but suggested some ideas we’d never even thought of.  Almost as an aside, he shared a simple, inexpensive fix that increased our network speeds dramatically — and one that didn’t make him another dime.  That really impressed me — Boyd just seemed to want to help us as much as he could.

By the end of the strategy session we had a much clearer sense of what our choices were and which ones made the most sense for our business.  For $120 and an hour of our time, we had an expert who actually took the time to learn OUR challenges and help us make an educated, strategic decision to solve them.  I don’t know what we would have done without STAT — I can’t recommend them more highly. – Chris Norwood, WhyFor Owner

Download a PDF of the WhyFor Design case study.